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Easy Guide

What is the aim of the CtWC?

To raise money for children of the world who really need it.

What else?

To reinforce and display our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) credentials as a network and to raise our profile.

How do I/we do that?

Simple; choose an activity (any activity) and get yourself sponsored by friends, family, contacts, your work… Complete the activity, collect the sponsorship and pay it in to the chosen charities.

What more?

By entering yourself or your team, sharing your goal/story/photos, you promote yourself and your firm to the network and wider.  MI HQ will be highlighting a ‘Connector of the Week’ and allocating prizes.


Get Started

  • Sign up yourself and/or a team and/or your firm (or even join with a firm close by to you)  

  • Tell us what activity(ies) you'll do, what is your challenge goal, and why

  • See who else is joining you on this journey

WE WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW what you are doing. How did it go, how are you getting on – the highs and the lows. 




Update Often

WE ALL KNOW THE GOAL – raising much-needed funds for our children's charities.



Promote the Challenge and Get Fundraising

  • Amongst your colleagues, friends and family, clients and local businesses (they can join in too)

  • Across your social media channels, using the #MIConnects hashtag.

  • Download a sponsorship form

  • Share the Donation link


Frequently Asked Questions

What Activities Count?

Your Challenge. Your Way.

Your activities are limited only by your imagination. If you can track it by distance, rounds, matches or hours, we will take care of the rest.  Bonus mileage awarded for creativity.

Some Ideas to get you started:
It’s not just for the sporty or competitive ones among us – even the creative members can translate their achievements into ‘Miles’ - run, jog, walk, cycle, climb, ski, sail, row, swim, unicycle, pogo, windsurf, skydive, fly, drive your dream car (or motorbike and sidecar), knit, sew, bake… and anything else you can think of….

How do I Update and Share a Story?
Once you Sign Up, keep us updated through the "Get Involved" tab.


Where Can I See (My) Updates and Stories?
Updates and stories will be uploaded regularly and found under Your Stories

What about Teams?
We encourage everyone in the firm to participate either individually or as a team or as a firm.  There is no maximum number and no fee to take part.

  • Designate a team captain to Sign Up your team and list team members.

  • Each team member can Send us an Update, referencing the team name on the first line.

How do I Fundraise?
Invite family, friends and colleagues, clients and local businesses and other sister firms to support you  - to sponsor your Challenge per mile/per Challenge or with a one-off donation to our charities.

•    Download a sponsorship form
•    Share the Donation link on Social Media as part of your update.



When Does the Challenge End?
The Challenge will run until 10th December to give us time to travel 28,000k across the network.

We will provide regular updates to let you know how far we have gone.

Our awards ceremony in December will recognize individuals, teams and 'challengers' within the various categories for noteworthy performances (not necessarily the furthest distance).

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