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This virtual event is designed for you have fun and be challenged at every activity level, with a variety of categories:

  • Physical Activities:  Walk, Run, Cycle, Unicycle, Swim, Hike, Sail, Golf, Tennis, Garden etc


  • Transport:  Drive (vintage cars), Ride (your motorcycle), Fly (Microlite) etc


  • At home:  Bake, Knit, Read, Sew etc (points will translate into miles)

  • Surprise us with something different from the above

Participate individually or in teams, choose a one off challenge or a series of challenges over six months. Track your progress on each challenge and let us know your stories, experiences and ups and downs. Send us your photos so the whole Mackrell family can follow your progress and applaud your achievements.

Now Fundraise: within your firm, among friends and family or donate when you register.


Individuals and Teams

Fill in the form to register your challenge and encourage your colleagues to register too



Create a team – get together with colleagues from your firm or friends and family to create a winning team

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